Our Founders

Brett H. Pojunis

Brett Pojunis, Co-Founder of PurePlay Capital, Inc. has been involved in finance and the public markets since 1999. Brett has been a consultant to many start-up companies including high tech Internet to traditional brick and mortar companies. Brett served on the Board of Directors of multiple private and public companies and organizations.

Brett is Co-Founder and CEO of Dealguys Network, Inc., a financial media holding company focused on developing exclusive communities within the financial industry and hosted financial conferences.

Jason Scheurer

Jason Scheurer, Co-Founder of PurePlay Capital, Inc. Jason has been serving a select group of affluent individuals, families, trusts, foundations, endowments, and institutions for nearly 25 years. Jason is the Founder and President of Orchard Wealth and Legacy Management, LLC.

As a deep-value strategist, Mr. Scheurer helps clients get a firm handle on their financial goals by creating custom tailored, fee-based portfolios and asset management solutions, with a focus on regular, face-to-face interactions.

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