PurePlay Capital, Inc.

A boutique firm that builds PURE INDICIES.

PurePlay Capital, Inc. is a financial engineering firm that is focused on the construction of publicly traded securities indices. Our indexes are designed to capture a more pure participation in a current underlying theme or investment objective without the watering down seen by other firms.
The current and questionable inclusion of half pregnant securities seen by our competitors short changes investors looking for the best “PurePlay” way to gain market exposure.

Why now?

Index investing has replaced active management in this new century. The days of active fund managers, and hedge funds, picking and choosing securities has been increasingly replaced by computerized trading models that capture entire markets rather than individual issues.

This basketing approach has reached an almost religious following with most financial professionals, and now individual investors, choosing to select collections of securities, that have an underlying theme, rather than purchasing individual securities.

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Why PurePlay Capital?

We look forward to “building better financial mousetraps” and
empowering both professional and civilian investors alike with our models.

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